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The Register

Biting the hand that feeds IT
Plants in SPAAAAAAACE are good for you

Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops

A plethora of patches, Kaspersky hits back, new hope for Wannacry Brit hero ? and more

CEO of $300m-a-year ad upstart Vungle cuffed for allegedly sexually abusing toddler son

Capacitor maker zapped with price-fixing charge

Apple Cook's half-baked defense of the Mac Mini: This kit ain't a leftover

Malware hidden in vid app is so nasty, victims should wipe their Macs

Do fear the Reaper: Huge army of webcams, routers raised from 'one million' hacked orgs

Mastercard blockchain: MEEELLIONS. Opening up the API: Priceless

Tech giant Citrix, sync 'n' share startup Egnyte fire lawsuits at each other


News for nerds, stuff that matters
Tech Companies To Lobby For Immigrant 'Dreamers' To Remain In US

Tim Cook Confirms the Mac Mini Isn't Dead

The US Government Keeps Spectacularly Underestimating Solar Energy Installation

Body Camera Study Shows No Effect On Police Use of Force Or Citizen Complaints

Software Developer Creates Personal Cryptocurrency

Elon Musk Begins Digging a Hyperloop Tunnel In Maryland

Vungle CEO Arrested For Child Rape and Attempted Murder

Google Says 64 Percent of Chrome Traffic On Android Now Protected With HTTPS, 75 Percent On Mac, 66 Percent On Windows

Arkansas Will Pay Up To $1,000 Cash To Kids Who Pass AP Computer Science A Exam

Body Camera Giant Wants Police To Collect Your Videos Too

Twitter Plans To End Revenge Porn Next Week, Hate Speech In Two

The AI That Has Nothing to Learn From Humans

Consumer Reports Refuses To Recommend Microsoft Surface Book 2

Student Expelled After Using Hardware Keylogger to Hack School, Change Grades

Laptops Could Be Banned From Checked Bags on Planes Due To Fire Risk

OS News



Twitter publiceert tijdslijn van aankomende wijzigingen moderatiebeleid

Tor Browser 7.0.7

Ocenaudio 3.3.0

Blue Mammoth Games gaat studio opzetten in Amsterdam

Hori introduceert officieel gelicentieerde muis en 'toetsenbord' voor Xbox One

Ubuntu 17.10

Tray Radio

Total Commander 9.10 final

MSI GTX 1080 Ti Trio - Van twee naar drie ventilators

Twitch kondigt nieuwe functies aan gericht op streamers

Razer kondigt gamingheadset en webcam met ringlamp aan

G7 en techbedrijven worden het eens over verwijdering terroristische inhoud

Waar gebruik jij je multicoreprocessor voor? Help ons cores aan het werk zetten

MSI brengt fanless Cubi 3 Silent-desktops uit

'Snelgroeiend botnet richt zich op kwetsbare internet-of-things-apparaten'

'FAA wil laptops uit ingecheckte bagage weren wegens brandgevaar'

Cherry maakt MX-switches voor zelfbouwtoetsenborden beschikbaar

OPNsense 17.7.5

MariaDB 10.3.2

CockroachDB 1.1.1

JabRef 4.0

Betaflight 3.2.1

Huawei werkt aan vouwbare smartphone met twee schermen

Medion brengt Mixed Reality-bril Erazer X1000 uit voor 449 euro

Bedrijf levert opensourcelaptop met Intels Management Engine uitgeschakeld

Cyberduck 6.2.9

Gerucht: Apple heeft bij verkoopstart twee tot drie miljoen exemplaren iPhone X

VirtualBox 5.2

Intel brengt devkit voor Amazon Alexa-speakers uit

Google start bug-bountyprogramma voor Android-apps waaronder Dropbox en Tinder

Nintendo voegt ondersteuning draadloze usb-headsets toe aan Switch

Calibre 3.10

Foto's bevestigen komst Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti

7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.4

NS maakt achteraf betalen voor ov-reizen mogelijk met app en chipkaart

The Evil Within 2 - Veel meer afwisseling

Directeur KPN gaat weg en krijgt Colombiaanse opvolger

Tim Cook: Mac mini wordt belangrijk in ons productaanbod

Ontwikkelaar klaagt Apple aan om gebruik merknaam Animoji voor iPhone X

Tweakers Developers Summit 2018: call for proposals

technology and culture, from the trenches

ThinkGeek: What's New

Stuff for Smart Masses
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How Microsoft embraced 'messy? creativity with Windows Ink

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Google's annual report shows more web traffic is encrypted

Apple's Upgrade Program offers a 'head start' on iPhone X

Vector plans three 'microsatellite' launches in Virginia

Senators want to know if Apple fought back on China's VPN ban

Razer?s new webcam and microphone are made for streamers

Project Loon's LTE balloons are floating over Puerto Rico

Movie 'sanitizer' VidAngel files for bankruptcy

Ford's commuter van service Chariot halts operations in San Francisco

Apps and gadgets for the 'Blade Runner' future we didn?t ask for

Wireless charging will make drones always ready to fly

FAA proposes ban on large electronics in checked baggage

Adobe's Scribbler AI automatically colorizes any portrait

YouTube Red's next show is a Tinder dating comedy

Tech companies unite to fight for Dreamers

Fake iPhone X has a fake notch, obviously

Google compensates Pixel 2 buyers who overpaid at pop-up stores

Spotify?s RISE program will try to find future music superstars

The best plug-in smart outlet

Does social media threaten the illusion of news neutrality?

Vodafone?s introducing a zero-rating scheme too

Billboard?s charts will give more weight to paid music streams in 2018

Blue Origin?s BE-4 rocket engine completes first hot-fire test

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