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The Register

Biting the hand that feeds IT
Opportunity knocked? Rover survives Martian winter, may not survive budget cuts

Big data fitness plan: What's the deal with DX?

Facebook's big solution to combating election ad fraud: Snail mail

When Samsung reveals the S9 at MWC, at least try to act surprised

*Wakes up in Chrome's post-adblockalyptic landscape* Wow, hardly anything's changed!'s Brexiteers warned not to push for divergence on data protection laws

US docs show Daimler may have done a Dieselgate ? German press claims

Storage snow big deal? Products vendors hope will sleigh, pole position startups and more

Farts away! Plane makes unscheduled stop after man won't stop guffing

Good luck, have fun: Thanks Xeon SP, now SPEC benchmarks blurt out hundreds of results

Brain emerging from hibernation? Feed it with <em>The Register</em> Lectures calls on the Big Man ? GOD ? to boost rural broadband

Oracle open-sources <code>DTrace</code> under the GPL

Juniper's 2018 spring collection: Switches, security, and subs

Developer recovered deleted data with his face ? his Poker face

Microsoft guts doc on 'Limitations of apps and experiences on ARM'

Google's robo-CTRL-ALT-DEL failed, hung networks and Compute Engine for 90 minutes

Arista <i>almost</i> done with Cisco workarounds as revenue and profit soar

Crims pull another SWIFT-ie, Indian bank stung for nearly US$2m

Australia's new insta-pay scheme has insta-lookup of any user's phone number

nbn?'s HFC fix will see connections tested from March to July 2018

Global security crackdown, a host of code nasties, Brit cops mocked, and more

Reinforcement learning woes, robot doggos, Amazon's homegrown AI chips, and more

James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto

Hands up who HASN'T sued Intel over Spectre, Meltdown chip flaws


News for nerds, stuff that matters
Man, Seeking New Copy of Windows 7 After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade, Sues Microsoft

Humanity's Biggest Machines Will Be Built in Space

Scientists Grow Sheep Embryos Containing Human Cells

IBM Sues Microsoft's New Chief Diversity Officer To Protect Diversity Trade Secrets

Salon Magazine Mines Monero On Your Computer If You Use an Ad Blocker

Chrome Extension Brings 'View Image' Button Back

Google Trains AI To Write Wikipedia Articles

Sweden Considers Six Years in Jail For Online Pirates

The Wikipedia Zero Program Will End This Year

Occupational Licensing Blunts Competition and Boosts Inequality

'Microsoft Should Scrap Bing and Call it Microsoft Search'

AI Can Be Our Friend, Says Bill Gates

Tokyo To Build 350m Tower Made of Wood

Give Workers 10,000 Pound To Survive Automation, British Top Think Tank Suggests

Contractors Pose Cyber Risk To Government Agencies

OS News



Game-uitgevers willen niet dat auteursrecht op 'vergeten' online games verdwijnt

Britse kerkspitsen worden ingezet voor beter wifibereik en mobiel internet

Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk

Joomla 3.8.5

Netgear AC3200 Nighthawk X6

KDE-organisatie krijgt 200.000 dollar uit Pineapple-fonds van bitcoinmiljonair

Gerucht: Samsung Galaxy S9 en S9+ worden duurder dan S8 en S8+

CrossOver 17.1.0

Mac- en Linux-release van Thrones of Britannia volgt kort op Windows-versie

Samsung patenteert drone met scherm die gebruiker kan volgen

Google kijkt of Pixel 2 XL melding moet geven als toestel trager laadt bij kou

Patch My PC

Flightsimbedrijf gebruikt omstreden 'drm-tool' om piraterij te bestrijden

Stuart Russell: ai-community moet volwassen worden op gebied van ethiek

Bedrijf achter Turing Phone gaat door met telefoons ontwikkelen na faillissement

AMD stelt processor beschikbaar om bios te updaten voor Ryzen-apu's

Microsoft verwijdert lijst met beperkingen Windows 10 op ARM van website

'Samsung gebruikte in 2017 minder oledschermen in smartphones'

Ontwikkeling System Shock-remake is tijdelijk gestaakt

Wikimedia stopt met Wikipedia Zero voor toegang zonder mobiele datakosten

Fail0verflow toont Linux met KDE Plasma-desktopomgeving op Nintendo Switch

Criminelen sluizen 1,5 miljoen euro weg via Swift-systeem Indiase bank

PeaZip 6.5.1

OpenRA 20180218

RJ TextEd 12.80

Gebruikers Pixel 2 melden kortere accuduur na installeren update

Twitch introduceert kanalen voor 'offline' chat

Twitter stopt met aanbieden van applicatie voor de Mac

Wine 3.2

Google komt met optie om screenshots te bewerken en te delen in Android

Asuswrt-Merlin 384.3

Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2018.1.1

Google test doorsturen locatie naar alarmcentrale na noodoproep

Tesla Model 3 krijgt software-update om veiligheid te verhogen

SUMo 5.5.4

Phishing-aanval maakt meer dan 50.000 Snapchat-accounts buit

Facebook: sms-spam bij tweetrapsauthenticatie was een bug

Qualcomm en Broadcom blijven in gesprek over mogelijke overname

Convertibles - Vier klappers met een Core i5-8250U

EvLeaks: grotere opvolger van LG G6 komt in de zomer uit

technology and culture, from the trenches

ThinkGeek: What's New

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Samsung patents a flying screen that could be used for hovering video

You get to pick the next free games on Twitch Prime

Microsoft stops pushing notifications to Windows 7 and 8 phones

'Super Mario Bros.' encyclopedia comes to the US October 23rd

A 'trapped' atom is visible to the naked eye

Google found another bug in Microsoft?s Edge browser

Microsoft inadvertently outlines the limits of Windows 10 on ARM

A new form of light could power next-gen quantum computers

Control Volkswagen's latest concept car with your voice

Elon Musk gets Hyperloop digging permit in Washington, DC

England turns to the church to help fix rural internet

The Morning After: Water purification could lead to more electric cars

India inches ahead in the race to build a Hyperloop

Air Force security hackathon leads to record payout

Throat sensor helps you recover from a stroke

Wikipedia ends no-cost mobile access for developing countries

SpaceX delays its satellite internet launch to February 21st

Daimler may have used software to cheat on US emissions tests

Tesla's latest smart power grid experiment begins in Canada

Water purification could be the key to more electric cars

Netflix deal provides a much-needed boost in the Middle East

The best portable SSD

After Math: Market fluctuations

Mattel's 'Jurassic World' dino-bots are surprisingly realistic

Device provides years of power through temperature swings

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