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US Afghanistan: Tillerson ups pressure on Pakistan

The US urges Pakistan to stop sheltering Taliban forces amid a new US pledge to support Afghanistan.

Barcelona attack: Suspects 'planned to hit key monuments'

The Sagrada Familia cathedral was among the targets, a suspect tells a preliminary hearing in Madrid.

US hits Chinese and Russian firms over North Korea

Ten companies and six individuals in Russia and China are subject to a new round of US sanctions.

How children are starving in Yemen's war

No food and intermittent electricity - a BBC team sees what medics are up against in a rebel-held city.

Kim Wall: Unidentified torso 'deliberately mutilated'

Danish police say they do not yet know if the torso belongs to missing journalist Kim Wall.

Teenager arrested for dancing Macarena on Saudi street

A 14-year-old is arrested in Saudi Arabia after a clip of him dancing in the street went viral.

Philippines Catholics oppose drug killings

Churches in Cubao will ring their bells every night in protest against President Duterte's war on drugs.

European Court of Justice not necessary or appropriate, says UK

Ministers say the European Court of Justice is not needed to police UK-EU relations after Brexit.

China relaunches world's fastest train

The high-speed trains will be able to run at speeds of 350km/h following safety checks on rail lines.

Nigeria's Boko Haram conflict: Huge rise in child 'human bombs'

There have been 83 cases so far this year - four times as many as all of last year, the UN says.

Marcellus Williams: Missouri governor stays execution

Marcellus Williams's conviction is to be reviewed, as his lawyers say DNA points to another man.

Man walks away from UK land speed record attempt crash

David Tremayne reached 296mph before losing control when the parachute was released.

Nigerian president to 'work from home' after rat infestation

Muhammadu Buhari has just returned from extended medical leave, but now has an office infestation.