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Johnson & Johnson faces $417m payout in latest talc case

The payout - to a woman who developed ovarian cancer - is the largest award so far against the firm.

Chile abortion: Court approves easing total ban

News of the judges' ruling by 6-4 led to celebrations among left-of centre parties in Santiago.

Green man road crossings 'too fast'

Guidance calls for councils in England to make it easier for elderly and disabled people to cross the road.

Matt Dawson's life changed by a tick bite

A bacterial infection spread through the former England rugby player's body after he was bitten.

Peanut allergy treatment 'lasts up to four years'

Four years after children in a study took the oral treatment, 70% had no allergic reaction to peanuts.

Stephen Hawking: I'm worried about the future of the NHS

Cambridge professor criticises health secretary and warns about role of private sector in the NHS.

Guatemala City hospital 'gang attack' leaves seven dead

Suspected gang members open fire while trying to free a jailed leader who was in hospital.

Time spent frail in old age 'doubles'

More care homes are needed as an ageing population puts pressure on services, researchers suggest.

Calories in popular foods must be cut, say health officials

Health officials target pizzas, burgers and ready meals to help tackle child obesity in government drive.

Plants 'hijacked' to make polio vaccine

A breakthrough could lead to easier, faster and cheaper vaccines.

Yemen cholera epidemic: Cases exceed 500,000 in four months

The overall caseload has declined since early July, but 5,000 people a day are still being infected.

Spanish woman 'crushed between floors' in Seville hospital lift

The Spanish woman was being wheeled out of a lift when it began moving upwards, reports say.

How to stop female doctors from dropping out in Pakistan

Many female doctors in Pakistan drop out when they start a family. There's a new scheme to help them continue in practice by doing online video clinics on their laptops.

'Healthy people get lung cancer too'

Vicky Veness shared a photo of herself looking healthy that was taken just hours before she was diagnosed.

Dad gets tattoo of brain shunt after daughter's surgery

Briar Hickenbottom-Marriott says she doesn't feel lonely any more after her dad's show of support.

Masks for smear test patients in Thailand

A health clinic in Thailand is handing out masks to encourage more women to attend their cervical smear tests.

Stephen Hawking: 'I wouldn't be here without the NHS'

The scientist backed the NHS in a speech that was critical of government policy and Jeremy Hunt.

Struggling after giving birth? You're not alone

These mums had traumatic births, and they want more to see more honesty about the toll it can take.

Mum leaves random notes in York for new mothers

The letters offer mums a chance to take a second for themselves.

How to get up mountains in a wheelchair

Michelle, who has multiple sclerosis, is going on a trek in the Lake District for the first time in more than 10 years.

Glasgow School of Art project personalises prosthetic limbs

A group of artisans are working with amputees in an effort to make artificial limbs more personal.

Anger and hatred can make us feel happy, says study

People have higher life satisfaction if they feel emotions they desire - even if they are unpleasant.

Language tests

Potential foreign nursing recruits to the NHS say the current language test is too difficult.

'Raise your voices'

A blog on birth trauma is prompting women to share their own difficult experiences.

Hard enough already

Flying with a wheelchair is hard enough - it's even harder when it's broken in transit.

Another U-turn?

The ex-prime minister, who has spoken about his battle to give up nicotine, is snapped with a cigarette at a festival.

Birth control

Elina Berglund Scherwitzl has created an app that offers women a "natural alternative" to the pill

Transgender puberty

How are the families we've been following for two years facing the future?

Opioid crisis

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans die from opioid overdoses, devastating families.