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Biting the hand that feeds IT

Plants in SPAAAAAAACE are good for you

A splash of green stops astronauts feeling blue

Living in space is grueling. The repetitiveness of daily exercise, experiments, crappy food, and claustrophobia can chip away at an astronaut?s psychological well-being, but scientists have suggested a preventative measure: plants.?

Wanna exorcise Intel's secretive hidden CPU from your hardware? Meet Purism's laptops

Free software lovin' crusaders kick out Management Engine

Purism ? a San Francisco, California, social purpose company that flies the flags of privacy, security and software freedom ? has begun offering its GNU/Linux-based laptops with Intel's Management Engine disabled.?

A plethora of patches, Kaspersky hits back, new hope for Wannacry Brit hero ? and more

Everything you also need to know in security

Roundup IT admins aren't always fond of patching. It's like going to the dentist ? it needs to be done but it can be a pain to do. Sadly, this week there was a lot of patching to be done.?

CEO of $300m-a-year ad upstart Vungle cuffed for allegedly sexually abusing toddler son

SF startup boss denies charges

The cofounder of a San Francisco video advertising upstart has been arrested and charged with allegedly assaulting and sexually abusing his three-year-old son.?

Capacitor maker zapped with price-fixing charge

Shocking development in the current affairs circuit

A Japanese electronics maker has been indicted in America for fixing the prices of electrolytic capacitors.?

Apple Cook's half-baked defense of the Mac Mini: This kit ain't a leftover

We're not going to fry it, and we're not going to tell you anything more right now

It has been three years since Apple released any major update to the Mac Mini family, but CEO Tim Cook says that doesn't mean the minimalist systems are dead.?

Malware hidden in vid app is so nasty, victims should wipe their Macs

If you downloaded and installed stuff from Eltima yesterday, you are totally screwed

It's going to be an unpleasant weekend for some Mac users who are facing a complete system wipe and reinstall ? after hackers stashed malware in legitimate applications.?

Do fear the Reaper: Huge army of webcams, routers raised from 'one million' hacked orgs

Check your cameras, broadband gateways, NAS boxes for latest botnet malware

Miscreants are right now assembling a massive army of hacked Internet of Things devices ? and at a far faster rate than the powerful Mirai botnet swelled its ranks last year.?

Mastercard blockchain: MEEELLIONS. Opening up the API: Priceless

Credit card purveyors aim to improve 'cross-border, B2B payment flows'

Mastercard is opening up its blockchain API to select partner banks and merchants.?

Tech giant Citrix, sync 'n' share startup Egnyte fire lawsuits at each other

Non-compete legal battle

Two file sync 'n' sharers are at war. Google-backed Egnyte is suing Citrix for unfair competition and Citrix is counter-suing Egnyte for unfair trade practices, among other things.?