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Toys & Games : Harry Potter Chibi Plush

Diminuendo! Someone has cast a shrinking charm on these Harry Potter characters for us, and the result is adorable! Choose from Dobby, Hagrid, Harry, Hermione, Voldemort, or Ron, and get a super cute 8-inch tall chibi version of your favorite character. $9.99

Accessories : Green Lantern Light Up Buckle

No evil shall escape (your pants). Move aside, rings! This Green Lantern belt buckle lights up in brightest day or blackest night. Just charge it using the included micro-USB cable, hit the on/off switch, and let your glow shine! The perfect accessory for heroes and fans of pants. $29.99

Tools : Zelda Wingcrest Sunshade - Exclusive

Declare your link to Zelda. The Zelda Wingcrest Sunshade, a ThinkGeek Exclusive, fits most cars, trucks, and vans, and features the official crest of the Royal Family of Hyrule in yellow against a dark background. Help save your vehicle's interior and keep it cooler by blocking UV r $14.99

Home & Office : Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Accent Lamp

The three brothers. We may not have a powerful wand, a stone to call loved ones from beyond the grave, or even a cloak of invisibility. What we do have is an awesome accent lamp featuring those things. Almost the same thing. $29.99

Home & Office : Bob Ross's Happy Little Blanket

We don't make mistakes; only happy accidents. Wrap yourself in a work of art. Are we talking about the painting or the man? The answer is both! $29.99

Home & Office : Harry Potter Quiddich Table Lamp

Lumos. We have all of our team gear at the ready. We may not be able to take a lamp into the bleachers, but it'll at least light up the common room during the victory celebration. $39.99

Electronics & Gadgets : Nintendo Switch Neon w/Minecraft: Story Mode + Foam Diamond Tools

Get your Switch fix. You get a Nintendo Switch, plus Minecraft: Story Mode, along with foam versions of a Diamond Axe, Diamond Shovel, and Diamond Sword & Ender Pearl. $389.99

Accessories : Gudetama Narikiri Face Mask N1

Boy, do we have egg on our face! That apathetic cartoon egg yolk, Gudetama, makes being lazy look adorable. And thanks to these face masks in his honor, being lazy looks beautiful too! Rejuvenate your skin in under 20 minutes while you hang out on the couch. It's what he'd want. $7.99

Collectibles : Hamster Blind Box

Collect your own horde. The cheeky, lifelike hamsters from this Hamster Blind Box will perch on the lip of your cup! Collect all eight, in different colors and positions! Two are even nibbling away at apple slices. $5.99

Accessories : Hello Kitty Foot Cooling Sheet

Treat your paws right! Nothing is cuter than comfort. Hello Kitty knows. She's practically the ambassador of cute! That's why she's all over these cooling foot sheets - the perfect thing to soothe your tired feet after a long day! Because self-care includes paw care. $14.99

Collectibles : Cat in a Box of Tissues Blind Box

If I fits, I sits! A blind box cat in a box. Say that five times fast! You'll randomly receive one of five Cat in a Box of Tissues in these blind boxes. Each box has a different Scottish Fold cat wedged, as only a cat can, inside a different colored tissue box. $5.99

Clothing : Skeleton Hand Ladies' Racerback Tank

Give us a hand, would ya? Give us some skin if you find skeleton jokes humerus! That'll hit you right on the funny bone. $19.99

Accessories : Gudetama Lip Cream

A little egg on the face? This set of two lip creams features the adorably apathetic Gudetama in two different poses - Hottoitekudasai (Leave Me Alone) and Aomuke (Lie On The Back). Both no-color lip balms are perfect for keeping your lips hydrated and comfortable. $7.99

Collectibles : Cat in a Blanket Blind Box

Commencing sleeping owner pounce in 3-2-1. You will randomly receive one of six Cat in a Blanket in these blind boxes. Each box has a different cat sitting peacefully under a colorful blanket; each blanket is secured with a contrasting clothes pin. $5.99

Accessories : Star Wars X-Wing Crystal Pendant

Red Five standing by. Join the Red Squadron with this Star Wars X-Wing Crystal Pendant! Shooting crystal lasers out of its cannons, this X-Wing demonstrates its firepower against Imperial forces. No need for a targeting computer: Use the Force! $19.99

Accessories : Hello Kitty Lip Cream

Your lips will be adorably moisturized! Hello Kitty brings us Korean skin care at its best with this Hello Kitty Lip Cream. This no-color lip balm will keep your lips hydrated and looking great, while Hello Kitty's adorable self smiles at you from the tube. $7.99

Clothing : Pusheen Meowgical Ladies' Tank

Mythical Kitty of Legend. What's beautiful, mysterious, magical, sensitive, and fierce, all at once? Maybe it's Pusheenicorn, the legend! Or maybe it's you, when you wear this meow-gical Pusheen ladies' racerback tank top. $19.99

Collectibles : Final Fantasy Trading Arts Minis Volume 2

Surprising little world defenders. Adorable super deformed figures sculpted in the World of Final Fantasy style, ready to take on any tiny little challenges you can throw at them. Try your luck with random blind boxes and add Cloud, Terra, Bartz, Vivi, or Vincent to your collection! $9.99

Home & Office : The Legend of Korra Adult Coloring Book

Crayon bender. The great thing about coloring books is that you can reimagine some of the details. Did Korra originally hail from the fire nation? We don't think so, but you can make it so with your crayons through the magic of color! $14.99

Clothing : Star Wars R2-D2 This Is How I Roll Ladies' Tank

R2 B rollin', other droids B hatin'. Through deserts, cities, frozen tundra, swamps, forests, asteroid fields, moons, space stations, and moons that ARE space stations, you just gotta keep on rolling! $19.99

Collectibles : Final Fantasy Trading Arts Minis Volume 1

Summon little champions to your side. Adorable super deformed figures sculpted in the World of Final Fantasy style, ready to take on any tiny little challenges you can throw at them. Try your luck with random blind boxes and add Cloud, Sephiroth, Squall, Lightning, or Ace to your collection! $9.99

Home & Office : Destiny Grimoire Journal - Exclusive

Unlock your secrets. Write a whole new chapter in your story within the pages of this Destiny Grimoire Journal. Featuring a black and gold foil cover, themed imprints, lined pages, and ribbon bookmark. An exclusive Destiny notebook, only available from ThinkGeek! $11.99

Accessories : Harry Dresden's Pentacle Necklace

Symbol of power. The trusty pentacle has saved Harry's hide more times than we can count. You probably won't be able to stop a fireball with this one, but we'll point out that we haven't tried. We're just saying anything is possible. (Note from Legal: No, it's not.) $39.99

Accessories : Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Essence Face Pack (7Sheets X 5Pack)

Hello Kitty spa day! Have a Hello Kitty spa day with all your Sanrio-loving friends! These cherry blossom-scented facial masks make you look just like Hello Kitty while you wear them, and they nourish and hydrate your skin. $27.99

Collectibles : POP The Lion King Vinyl Figures

Can you feel the love tonight? Choose from Rafiki holding Baby Simba or Simba with leaf mane - or collect them both to recreate key moments from The Lion King. $9.99