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Toys & Games : Minecraft Grass Activity Block

Block and roll. Don't let Minecraft stress you out. Let this fidget cube bring you back down to blocky Earth. $9.99

Bags & Backpacks : Disney Mickey Suit Faux Leather Mini Backpack

Oh, boy! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey has your back, with this faux leather mini backpack featuring the unmistakable details of the classic Disney mouse. With big Mickey ears at the top, the design from his shorts, and a Mickey glove zipper charm. $69.99

Clothing : Rugrats Chuckie's T-Shirt

Chuck-Chuck-Chuckaroo! Are you a loveable worrywort, a scaredy cat who sees monsters in every closet and always sees the numerous ways that your friends' schemes could go wrong? M-m-m-maybe this whole shirt thing isn't such a good idea, after all! $24.99

Bags & Backpacks : Star Wars R2-D2 Faux Leather Convertible Purse

You Artoo stylish! This Star Wars R2-D2 Faux Leather Convertible Purse comes with a combination of navy blue, white, and grey faux Saffiano leather. It has double handles plus a removable and adjustable shoulder strap so you can tote it around however works best for you. $79.99

Clothing : Overwatch Lucio Ultimate Hoodie

Amp it up. Whether he's fighting for the good guys or DJing at the arena down the street, there's no denying how much we love Lucio. Unless he pushes us off a ledge. We don't like him much at that point. $59.99

Home & Office : Book Light

Crack Open a Good Book Light If your idea of home decoration is a wall of bookcases filled with books of all kinds, this Book Light will be the perfect volume to add to your library. Open it up flat on your desk or a full 360 degrees, shining in one of five colors to suit your mood. $24.99

Home & Office : Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

Belongs in your own personal Museum of Modern Arf. This Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp is perfect for lighting up your workspace so you can ask for that raise or just finish your homework. This task light has the Chain Chomp's head on a swivel so that you can direct the beam just where you need it. $49.99

Bags & Backpacks : Hello Kitty Bus Ladies' Wallet

Next stop, Sanrio! Keep your money and cards safely zipped up during your daily adventures in this Hello Kitty Bus Ladies' Wallet! One of Sanrio's adorable kawaii characters is sure to reflect your current mood. Which will it be today? Made by Loungefly. $35.99

Bags & Backpacks : I love Fairies Lunch Box

Clap if you believe. Every time you pack your I Love Fairies Lunch Box, you'll feel a tingle of magic stir through you. As you partake of the contents, your mind will be filled with dreams and meadows, and all your problems will fade away. $7.99

Bags & Backpacks : Star Wars R2-D2 Debossed Faux Leather Ladies' Wallet

The original 'Droid Pay. Get a plucky astrodroid to carry your money and important documents or secret plans, with this faux leather wallet featuring the debossed image of R2-D2. He'll keep it all safe and secure with a zipper closure that keeps Stormtroopers out! $35.99

Clothing : Overwatch Genji Ultimate Hoodie

Like cutting through silk. Whether you decide to meditate, practice your incredible ninja skills, or just binge watch your favorite TV show all day, Genji will be sure to keep you cozy warm. $59.99

Toys & Games : Jumanji Board Game

Welcome to the jungle! Gather your group of adventurers and enter the jungle of Jumanji, where you must work together to save one of your own from the pursuing animals and creatures, before it is too late! Will you and your friends escape the Jumanji Board Game in time? $24.99

Bags & Backpacks : Star Wars R2-D2 with C-3PO Charm Debossed Faux Leather Tote Bag

Charming droid BFFs. Have these droids help you carry some of the burden of saving the galaxy. There's plenty of room inside to hold everything you need, and a few small pockets on the sides to keep you organized. $69.99

Collectibles : Rugrats Pin & Patches Set

Grown ups are weird. You may not be a baby any more, but you fondly remember days of not having to pay bills and thinking when grown ups went to work they were basically at a playground all day. $14.99

Bags & Backpacks : Hello Kitty Bus Crossbody Purse

Hello Kitty Xing! Take your favorite Sanrio characters to school (or work!) with this Hello Kitty Bus Crossbody Purse. With Hello Kitty driving and many of her friends along for the ride, you know you're in for an adventure. Made by Loungefly. $79.99

Clothing : Overwatch Reinhardt Ultimate Hoodie

I am your shield. Wearing this hoodie may not give you a deep appreciation for Hasselhoff immediately, but at least you'll be nice and warm as you muscle through it. $59.99

Collectibles : Funko POP! DC Bombshells Vinyl Figures

Dropped the Bombshell! The DC Bombshells have been given the Funko POP! vinyl treatment! You've got your choice of Batwoman, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, Poison Ivy, or Supergirl, but really, you want to get all of these adorable pin-up style POP!s and make your own Bombshell army. $9.99

Home & Office : Mystery Science Theater 3000 Gizmonic Oven Mitt

In the not-too-distant kitchen.... If you're in the mood to bake up some treats for your next movie marathon, reach for this ThinkGeek exclusive Gizmonic oven mitt - a tribute to Jonah Heston's yellow jumpsuit. He may be trapped in an experiment on the Satellite of Love, but you're not! $19.99

Accessories : Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Lightweight Scarf

Wrap yourself in holiday ink. If there's an empty place in your bones that calls out for something unknown, we would like to answer back with this scarf featuring tattoo-artist designs of Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, and more against a starry and batty night sky. $19.99

Collectibles : Destiny Figure Set - Wave 2

All you need is love. We promise Ghaul won't try and steal the light of the rest your figures. $14.99

Bags & Backpacks : I Believe in Mermaids Lunch Box

Magnificent mythological Ms. Pack your beach lunch in this I Believe in Mermaids Lunch Box, demonstrating to others your faith in their existence. You'll be all set for a day at the ocean, watching for mermaids to appear. Or don your monofin and join them! $2.99

Collectibles : Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Prop Replica

Highly reliable with good speed and exceptional handling. One of Nimbus Racing Broom Company's most successful models, the Nimbus 2000 will make you the envy of everyone on the Quidditch pitch. Made from soft materials with motion-activated sound effects, it's perfect for cosplay or plain old play. $34.99

Clothing : Back to the Future Mickey Mouse Replica T-Shirt

We have to go back... to Disney World! Take a trip back to the past so that you can get back to the future, with this replica Mickey Mouse t-shirt, seen in the first Back to the Future film! An exclusive design that you can only get from ThinkGeek. $19.99

Collectibles : Funko POP! Tron Glow-In-The-Dark Vinyl Figures

Finish the game! Finish the game with characters from Tron that have been given the Funko POP! vinyl treatment! Your choice of either Tron or Sark, each with light disc in hand, and a 1-in-6 chance of getting a rare chase variant figure! $9.99

Bags & Backpacks : Disney Belle Debossed Faux Leather Purse

This bag's a true Beauty! Be our guest and try this Beauty and the Beast-inspired satchel as your new companion. Made of ivory simulated leather, the bag features a red rose hanging from the handle and a floral fabric interior. It's a beauty inside and out! $69.99