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Collectibles : POP Overwatch Vinyl Figures

Your own mighty little task force! Answering the call of the Overwatch are new Funko POP! vinyls, featuring Mei, Lucio, Symmetra, and big 6-inch Reinhardt and D.Va with Meka. Choose your hero wisely if you want to get Play of the Game, or grab them all to build your own mini Overwatch! $9.99 - $24.99

Clothing : Star-Lord Hockey Jersey

Yeah, Baby! Keep your stick on the ice with this Star-Lord Hockey Jersey. Made from a thick athletic mesh, the front features the design from Peter Quill's shirt from GotG vol. 2, and the back has an oversized design which reads "Legendary Outlaw / Star-Lord." $44.99

Clothing : Worthy of Mjölnir Lace-Up Ladies' Hoodie

If she be worthy.... This charcoal heather soft hooded pullover with raglan sleeves is super comfy and also shows everybody whose closet is truly Worthy. $49.99

Clothing : Asgard Twill Ladies' Jacket

A taste of the rainbow. This Asgard Twill Ladies' Jacket is a chic way to make casual fandom statement. Toss it on over a cami or a t-shirt and show everybody whose closet is truly Worthy. $59.99

Clothing : Avengers Army Jacket

Subtle yet bold. Not everybody has a lot of space in their closets for logo shirts. This jacket is a great compromise, because while it has the Avengers insignia on it pretty big, it's actually quite subtle with the monochrome color scheme. $69.99

Clothing : Avengers Logo Knit Sweater

Earth's mightiest sweater. This Avengers Logo Knit Sweater is a grey and black striped pullover, perfect to pair with a button-up shirt and a pair of khakis or jeans. The Avengers logo is intarsia knitted into the chest, so it's part of the weave of the fabric and not stuck on as a $49.99

Accessories : D&D Beholder Stud Earrings

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We're not sure why but the creatures in these D&D Beholder Stud Earrings look pretty happy. Anyhow, these tiny Beholders can't do that much damage to you, right? Only if you sleep on them wrong and they get all pokey. $19.99

Accessories : D&D Demogorgon Pendant Necklace

Prince of Demons. Wear the Prince of Demons around your neck with this D&D Demogorgon Pendant Necklace. He's pretty big, and people are inevitably going to ask you what it is. So you have to be okay with being all casual like, "Oh this? Demogorgon, you know." likeyado. $29.99

Clothing : Marvel Stripe T-Shirt

Heroes aren't hard to find if you know where to look. Declare your personal super-iority with this Marvel Stripe T-Shirt. With the Marvel stripe logo printed on a soft heathered burgundy fabric, no one will doubt which side of the great comic book debate you're on. $19.99

Clothing : Marvel Thanos Mineral Wash Relaxed Ladies' T-Shirt

Meet the Mad Titan. This Marvel Thanos Mineral Wash Relaxed Ladies' T-Shirt will fit the bill. "Mineral wash" is an appropriate term for the treatment used on the garment that honors a being who spends most of his time on a hovering throne made of rock. $19.99

Accessories : Infinity Gauntlet Lightweight Scarf

Take up the Gauntlet. Thanos may have to wait until May 2018 when to wield his gauntlet with the Infinity Stones in the MCU, but ThinkGeek has gone and pilfered a few of them (in our spare time), and you can wield this Infinity Gauntlet Lightweight Scarf today. $19.99

Clothing : Spider-Man Short Sleeve Henley T-Shirt

Casual Friday at the Daily Bugle. This two-button heather grey henley with black contrast fabric on the collar and sleeves features the Spider-Man logo embroidered on the chest. It's perfect for sporting your fandom on casual Fridays. $24.99

Clothing : Thor Hammer Hoodie

From the best tailors in Asgard. Don this Thor Hammer Hoodie and you can sport a hammer on both your back and your chest. Thor's emblem is printed on the chest of this slate blue full-zip hoodie, and the word "MIGHTY" is printed in white ink on the back over an image of Thor. $49.99

Clothing : Spider-Man Patches Lace-Up Ladies' Top

Get in the swing of things. Celebrate your love for all things Spider-Man with this black v-neck tee that laces up the front. It features a Spider-Man patch ironed on the chest (so no rough backing) along with various screenprinted designs including "62" and "NYC." $29.99

Home & Office : Marvel Thor and Hulk Geeki Tiki Two Pack

Prepare for battle. Make your kale smoothies 27% more enjoyable with this set of Marvel Geeki Tikis in the form of Hulk and Thor. These heroes will hold around 14 ounces of whatever drink you can throw at them so they can help you relax or power through your day.

Clothing : Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress

Colorful language use ahead. Inject a pop of that new, bold MCU color into your closet with this Galactic Guardians of the Galaxy Dress. Practical with its side pockets, this stretchy tank dress uses a sublimation process to achieve a vibrant 360 degree nebula design. $39.99

Home & Office : Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set

They may not work for alien blood, but these Alien Acid Drip Coasters should fare much better when it comes to your morning java. Looks like these Alien Acid Drip Coasters are a little worse for wear! But it's safe to assume they'll work just fine to protect your tables from more common, human-caused coffee-ring stains. $29.99

Home & Office : Harry Potter Up to No Good 20oz Mug

Keep this in your cupboard rather than a small wizard. You might be up to no good, but the contents of this Harry Potter Up to No Good mug are good! $12.99

Bags & Backpacks : Corgi Appliqué Mini Backpack

Hey, Corgeous! Corgis are short, squat, loveable and cute, just like this Corgi Applique Mini Backpack, a ThinkGeek exclusive from Loungefly. $59.99

Bags & Backpacks : Guardians of the Galaxy Cassette Tape Bag

Ooga-Chaka Ooga-Ooga Ooga-Chaka. Bring along everything you need to guard the galaxy in this black and purple Cosmic Mix Vol. 1 cassette tape crossbody bag. Purple and black Guardians lined interior, zippered pocket, headphone charm keychain, and adjustable strap. A ThinkGeek exclusive! $39.99

Home & Office : Star Wars Ep VIII Droids 2 pc. 16 oz. Cold Reactive Glass Set

Old droid meets new droid with these Star Wars Episode VIII 2-piece cold reactive glass set, featuring the ones we're all looking for: BB-8 and R2-D2. Half full or half empty, these glasses are cold-reactive fun for lovers of Star Wars droids across the universe. And they change color when they change temperature! Just don't expect them to divulge highly important secrets of the Resistance. $14.99

Accessories : Marvel Thor Winter Hat - Exclusive

Battling the elements. Thor doesn't fight the enemies of Midgaard unprepared. If you're going to take down some Frost Giants, you can't give them the edge. Make sure your head stays nice and warm at all times. $24.99

Accessories : Marvel Captain America Winter Hat - Exclusive

The winter soldier. Don't go outside and feel like you could be trapped in an ice cube for about half a century. Make sure you're prepared to battle Hydra AND the elements. $24.99

Accessories : Star Wars Yoda Stacked Pendants Necklace

See through him, you can. With the Star Wars Yoda Stacked Pendants Necklace you can finally judge Yoda by his size: the perfect size for daily wear. Features Yoda silhouette, his famous "do or do not" proverb, and a 16" chain with 2" extender. $24.99

Accessories : Star Wars Boba Fett Marled Cuff Beanie

Boba Fett didn't wear his heart on his sleeve, he wore a skull on his shoulder. A Mythosaur skull. The same as you'll find on this Star Wars Boba Fett marled cuff beanie. Boba Fett needed something to keep him warm when he crossed the nighttime sands of Tatooine after escaping from the clutches of a Sarlacc. He probably used this marled cuff beanie with his name and a Mythosaur patch on it. $19.99