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FBI ex-deputy director Andrew McCabe sacked days before retirement

Andrew McCabe had long been accused by President Trump of bias - claims he has strongly denied.

Miami bridge collapse: Engineer's message warned of cracks

But transport officials did not hear the voicemail until after the bridge collapsed killing six.

Trump lawyers seek $20m in damages from porn star Stormy Daniels

The legal filings mark the first time the president has become directly involved in the case.

RuPaul is first drag queen to get Hollywood star

The star was overcome with emotion as fans lined Hollywood Boulevard to help celebrate.

Oscars Academy chief John Bailey 'faces harassment allegations'

The Academy has launched an inquiry into its own president, John Bailey, Hollywood media report.

Paige Vanzant: UFC gave me an eating disorder

UFC star Paige Vanzant tells Newsbeat the extreme measures she took to reduce her weight.

Hillary Clinton treated for minor injury in India, says hospital

Local media quote unnamed sources as saying Mrs Clinton slipped in the bath at a luxury hotel.

Flight mix-up takes German Shepherd to Japan

A 10-year old German Shepherd was supposed to join his family in Kansas. Instead, he landed in Japan.

Black man beaten at Charlottesville rally 'cleared of assault'

DeAndre Harris was reportedly cleared of assault charges related to the incident in which he was beaten.

US couple accused of hoax kidnap win $2.5m settlement

A US city settles with a couple after police publicly called the woman's 2015 abduction a "hoax".

Trumplomacy: Who's going to represent US at N Korea talks now?

After Tillerson's quick exit - who will be part of high-stakes talks with North Korea?

Banksy protest artwork unveiled in New York

The anonymous artist reveals a new work in New York, drawing attention to a jailed Kurdish painter.

US opioid crisis: Seattle's battle over safe injection plan

A plan to open the nation's first safe consumption sites for drug use has split Seattle residents - here's what both sides have to say.

Florida shooting: Students vow 'never again' in US walkout

Thousands of students across the country left their classrooms in a call for gun reform.

Pompeo replaces Tillerson. Where does that take US foreign policy?

A look at key foreign issues on which new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might sway President Trump.

The seven places where women earn more than men in US

A new analysis by Stateline found only seven communities where women make significantly more than men.

The office where only women are allowed to work

There have been men-only clubs for centuries. The Wing is a co-working space in New York exclusively for women.

Shoes laid outside the US Capitol in Washington represent young victims of gun violence.

Shoes laid outside the US Capitol in Washington represent young victims of gun violence.

Trump's CIA director nominee ran a CIA prison

She is named by the president as head of the spy agency, succeeding Mike Pompeo.

A boy?s creative response to his mother?s illness

When Noah's mother was diagnosed with cancer, he came up with an idea to express his grief. Now his idea is being made into a book.

Why gun control isn't a factor in this Pennsylvania election

Gun control is not a factor in the first congressional election since the Parkland school shooting.

A one-man rescue mission in Vietnam War

Dick Swanson first went to Vietnam as a war photographer. He returned on a rescue mission.

Claudette Colvin: The 15-year-old who came before Rosa Parks

How Claudette Colvin helped spark America's Civil Rights Movement at the age of 15.

The Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump story explained

Adult film star Stormy Daniels is suing President Trump: this is how the story has unfolded.

Bernie Sanders stirs Texas crowd, is he running for something?

The next presidential election is over two years away, but Bernie Sanders sounds like a candidate.

Five things Kim Jong-un can learn from Trump's 'Art of the Deal'

Dennis Rodman once gave the North Korean leader Donald Trump's book - so what can he learn from it?

US trade: Is Trump right about the deficit?

Reality Check examines Donald Trump's claim that the US is "losing $800bn a year on trade".

Trump Kim talks: The tricky task of preparing for the summit

How to prepare for an unprecedented meeting between two wildly unpredictable men? And is there time?

The Forbidden: A modern opera breaking cultural taboos

An opera created by international artists challenges cultural rules and crosses musical boundaries.

Why Quebec doctors have rejected a pay rise

Seven hundred doctors from Quebec refuse a pay rise in favour of funding patient services.

Trump tariffs: Three takeaways on trade bombshell

President Trump's protectionist policy is a major departure from decades of US free trade policies.

What links Trump, Lincoln and Ferris Bueller?

Critics may say Trump skipped economics, like a certain movie truant, but Abe would back his policy.

Bored with bowling? Give axe throwing a go

The craze started in Canada and organisers hope it could turn into a mainstream sport in the US.

Gary Oldman's son defends father over abuse allegation

Gulliver Oldman writes an impassioned letter defending his "hero" father after accusations resurfaced.

Texas primary: Support for Democrats and women surges

The first major vote of 2018 saw a surge in women candidates and a million Democrats turn out.