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Tesla boss in line for mega-pay deal

Is the loss-making electric car firm's boss Elon Musk worth $2.6bn? Shareholders must decide.

Li Ka-Shing: Asia's second-richest person retires

Li Ka-Shing's business interests range from ports and telecoms to retail including the UK's Superdrug.

Insurers warn of travel premium rise

The cost of new policies could soon rise if the principles of a Brexit deal aren't hammered out next week, insurers say.

Goldman Sachs reveals gender pay gap

The bank reveals a large pay gap, adding it is committed to getting more women into senior positions.

Farm Bank: Founder accused of defrauding gamers

Turkish social media users have accused the mobile gaming site founder of "milking" them before fleeing to Uruguay.

Rihanna: Snapchat guilty of 'shaming' domestic violence victims

The singer says Snapchat "let us down" over an advert that asked users if they would slap her.

Bad blood: The rise and fall of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes

How a woman came up with an idea that could have revolutionised blood testing - if it had worked.

Wetherspoon profits up as restaurant trade hits tough times

Boss Tim Martin says his pub chain is "doing quite well" despite tougher times in the sector.

Why are tourists flocking to Scotland?

For the sixth year running, Scotland's visitor attractions have outperformed the rest of the UK.

Coutts star banker in sexual harassment claims

A top banker at Coutts, the private bank used by the Queen, is at the centre of a series of complaints about sexual harassment

Merlin Network strikes streaming deals for independent music in China

The digital rights agency says the licensing agreements will give their members access to about 90% of China's digital music listeners.

HSBC reveals big gender pay gap

The bank says that men earn close to a third more than women at its UK banking operations.

Unilever goes Dutch for HQ as London loses out

The firm behind Marmite, Pot Noodle and Dove soap chooses Rotterdam over London for its headquarters.

Airbus warns over GKN takeover bid

The planemaker says a takeover would make it almost "impossible" to give work to the UK engineering giant.

French baker disputes fine for opening every day

A small town's only baker was open for business every day last summer, breaking strict labour rules.

Cineworld boosted by Star Wars and Beauty and the Beast

The world's second-largest cinema chain sees rising sales and profits helped by last year's big films.

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The latest international business headlines from BBC World News.

Why are high street restaurants in trouble?

Why diners seem to have gone cold on mid-market chain restaurants.

A better way to care for dementia patients

Infrared technology and artificial intelligence offer a better way to take care of dementia patients. It can scan their vital signs 24 hours a day.

Energy storage: the power of cold air

Highview Power uses liquefied cold air to create stored energy. The air is reheated to produce power.

'Beach grabbing erodes our birth rights,' say Mauritians

Activists on the island of Mauritius are rising up against foreign property developers.

Vanilla pod farmer: 'Timing is everything'

Known for its sugarcane, Mauritius has also starting farming the more challenging vanilla crop.

South Korea gaming: Death by overwork sparks calls for change

Critics say "crunch time", an intense burst of work just before a game is released, can be dangerous.

The office where only women are allowed to work

There have been men-only clubs for centuries. The Wing is a co-working space in New York exclusively for women.

Pierce Brosnan says India mouth freshener brand 'cheated' him

Pierce Brosnan tells Indian officials a mouth freshener brand misled him about its harmful effects.

Singled out

Single people pay more for holidays, living costs and car insurance - but there are some benefits too.

Adapt or die

In the first of our Future of Work series, we look at how new tech could change our working lives.

'Ambulance to the future'

Freezing the deceased in the hope of one day reviving them could become a mainstream service, advocates say.

Remote shoppers

Up to a million people are employed around the world as professional shoppers for clients in China.

Rotten ideas

As the fight against plastic pollution gains momentum, firms are tackling the issue in different ways.

Fail harder

Talking about failure is taboo in Germany, and it could be holding business back.

Baby steps

How Mexican entrepreneur Ixchel Anaya launched a reusable nappies business that exports around the globe.

Sending home

The money sent home by migrant workers is relied up on by schools in El Salvador

Model citizens

China's tech transformation proceeds apace, but with it comes more digital monitoring and control.

Career conversion

When a serious knee injury ended Greg Cox's rugby career, it set him on the path to becoming a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Fly drive

Since cars were invented, people have dreamed about making them fly. So why haven't they taken off?

Motor show

Not everybody in the car industry is ready to stop using female models to help sales.

Special delivery

'If children can't come to school, then the school should come to them." Lessons delivered by taxi, truck and boat.

Hippopotamus shoes

How Zimbabwe's Courteney Boot Company became one of the world's most exclusive footwear firms.

Lego block

With falling revenues and profits, did the company fail to build bridges with its customers last year?

Power up

A breakthrough in materials technology could see fast-charging supercapacitors rival lithium-ion batteries.

Kicking back

100 years ago, women's football was popular and profitable. Then the Football Association banned it

Making make believe

How the UK firm Framestore became an in-demand visual effects business, working on films such as the Harry Potter series and Paddington.

Hypersonic ambitions

Five times the speed of sound from Beijing to New York in a few hours - but is it a likely scenario?

Trade wars

President Donald Trump says he thinks the US can "win" a trade war. Here are some costs he might encounter along the way.

Gum shoes

A British designer wants used gum recycled into useful objects - also leading to cleaner streets.

Steel tax

Can President Trump's trade tariffs save jobs in the industry?

'My shorts saved me'

Do safety gadgets aimed at women help protect against assault or reinforce "victim" stereotypes?

Dressing room to boardroom

The ex-Manchester United captain and football analyst on swapping the football dressing room for the business boardroom.

Oscar challenge

A Kenyan film school is a surprise challenge to Hollywood superstars in the chase for an Oscar this weekend.

New energy

Vietnam's tech economy is experiencing an innovation renaissance, with the return of overseas nationals injecting fresh ideas and a new energy.

Drink up

Indian beer company Bira 91 has be ambitions to dominate global beer sales, says founder Ankur Jain.

Chord change

Technology is helping musicians, bands and artists get a bigger share of the revenues from their work.

Waiting game

After Beijing moved on the insurance and financial giant, others are likely to be worried.