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Russia spy poisoning: 23 UK diplomats expelled from Moscow

It also closes the British Council in Russia - amid tensions over the nerve agent attack on an ex-spy.

Migrant crisis: At least 15 die as boat capsizes off Greece

A search for those unaccounted for is under way off the Aegean island of Agathonisi.

Prince Albert II of Monaco: Conmen use fake prince to extract money

The aim of the stings was to obtain money transfers to foreign bank accounts, reports say.

St Patrick's Day: Ireland celebrates patron saint

Whether taking part in a parade or a party at home, people on the island of Ireland are celebrating their patron saint.

Slovakia protests: 65,000 join Bratislava anti-government protests

About 65,000 people attended anti-government protests in Bratislava, organisers say.

Horst Seehofer: Islam does not belong to Germany, says new minister

The remarks by the new interior minister put him on a collision course with Chancellor Merkel.

Banksy art honours jailed Kurdish painter

The anonymous artist reveals a new work in New York, drawing attention to a jailed Kurdish painter.

Skiers jump from speeding lift in Georgia

Several people were injured when the out of control lift started going backwards fast, in Georgia.

UK FM blames Putin for nerve agent attack

Boris Johnson says Vladimir Putin is "overwhelmingly likely" to have ordered Salisbury attack on ex-spy.

Madrid protests: Street vendor's death sparks violent clashes

Protesters clash with police after the death of a Senegalese man who they say was chased by officers.

US-North Korea meeting: N Korean Minister in surprise Sweden visit

The foreign minister's trip has prompted speculation of a link to a planned US-North Korea summit.

UK to Russia: 'We will always defend ourselves'

Russia's counter-sanctions were handed to Britain's ambassador in Moscow Laurie Bristow.

Swiss pianist gives concert on ice in northern Baltic Sea

Swiss pianist Gabriel Arnold performs for tourists on an icebreaker in Scandinavia's Gulf of Bothnia.

Rome's rubbish: The people trying to solve the problem

Meet the people who are taking matters into their own hands.

Poisoned ex-spy: Why does UK think it was Russia?

The BBC's Gordon Corera considers the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury.

'Am I OK with my son oinking in Swedish?'

Keith Moore wants his Swedish-born son to be bilingual. But he wasn't prepared for the language barrier in the farmyard.

Russia spy poisoning: What happens when you expel a diplomat?

Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats. But what happens when you're asked to leave a country?

The rappers getting 'terror' sentences for songs

Artists say the government is using controversial anti-terror laws to curb free speech, writes Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid.