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Russia spy poisoning: 23 UK diplomats expelled from Moscow

It also closes the British Council in Russia - amid tensions over the nerve agent attack on an ex-spy.

UK to Russia: 'We will always defend ourselves'

Russia's counter-sanctions were handed to Britain's ambassador in Moscow Laurie Bristow.

FBI ex-deputy director Andrew McCabe sacked days before retirement

Andrew McCabe had long been accused by President Trump of bias - claims he has strongly denied.

Syria war: 'Civilians killed' as thousands flee Turkish air strikes

More than 150,000 people have reportedly fled Afrin in northern Syria as Turkish forces close in.

A doctor's battle in Eastern Ghouta

As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the enclave, medical staff describe working in "hell on earth".

Blossom in south-west China captured by drone

Apricot, cherry and azalea blossom create a stunning landscape in south-west China.

Prince Albert II of Monaco: Conmen use fake prince to extract money

The aim of the stings was to obtain money transfers to foreign bank accounts, reports say.

Children drown as migrant boat sinks

A search for those unaccounted for is under way off the Aegean island of Agathonisi.

Paige Vanzant: UFC gave me an eating disorder

UFC star Paige Vanzant tells Newsbeat the extreme measures she took to reduce her weight.

China anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan named Xi Jinping's deputy

A former anti-corruption investigator, Wang Qishan has known the president for decades.

Miami bridge collapse: Engineer's message warned of cracks

But transport officials did not hear the voicemail until after the bridge collapsed killing six.

Trump lawyers seek $20m in damages from porn star Stormy Daniels

The legal filings mark the first time the president has become directly involved in the case.

Everest clean-up campaign aims to airlift 100 tonnes of waste

Piles of rubbish collected by local guides are being shipped to the capital for recycling.

The Indians who used kayaking to transform their lives

There are many routes to success and for a group of friends in India, it was the Ganges River.

Swapping the front line for fashion

This former infantry soldier left the British Army to pursue his passion for fashion and is now a designer in London.

'It was like WW2 swept through our house'

A man whose father killed his mother is among three writers who tell how poetry has helped them cope.

Swiss pianist gives concert on ice in northern Baltic Sea

Swiss pianist Gabriel Arnold performs for tourists on an icebreaker in Scandinavia's Gulf of Bothnia.

The best news photos from the past week

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken during the past week.

The day that Hawking soared like Superman

The day in 2007 when Stephen Hawking became the first quadriplegic to experience weightlessness.

The women bringing animated adventures to life

A record number of women were nominated at the recent British Animation Awards, but men still dominate the industry.

John F Kennedy's lost speech brought to life

Audio technology was used to recreate JFK's voice so that the 55-year-old speech could be heard.

'Am I OK with my son oinking in Swedish?'

Keith Moore wants his Swedish-born son to be bilingual. But he wasn't prepared for the language barrier in the farmyard.

Russia spy poisoning: What happens when you expel a diplomat?

Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats. But what happens when you're asked to leave a country?

The news that made us smile this week

A time-travel stunt, a colourful good Samaritan and a funny sign. All that and more this week.

The rappers getting 'terror' sentences for songs

Artists say the government is using controversial anti-terror laws to curb free speech, writes Guy Hedgecoe in Madrid.

Trumplomacy: Who's going to represent US at N Korea talks now?

After Tillerson's quick exit - who will be part of high-stakes talks with North Korea?

Don't arm teachers, say Florida school survivors

Students from the school where 17 died in a gun attack say arming teachers would add to the danger.

Andrew Lloyd Webber: My career in 7 songs

The composer shares the untold stories behind Cats, Joseph, Evita and Phantom of the Opera.

The rock band manager who swapped success for kangaroos

Rae Harvey wrangled some of Australia's top music acts - now she's handling vulnerable marsupials.

Spy attack: Conspiracy theories and denial

State TV and Russian social media users react to poisoning with alternative takes and scenarios.

Is it possible to stop people buying bomb ingredients?

The ready availability of the materials needed to make explosives is a growing concern.

FA Cup: Swansea 0-3 Tottenham highlights

Christian Eriksen scores twice as Tottenham reach the FA Cup semi-finals with a comfortable victory over Swansea at Liberty Stadium.

Six Nations 2018: Italy 27-29 Scotland highlights

Watch highlights as Greig Laidlaw's 79th-minute penalty for Scotland denies Italy their first Six Nations victory since 2015 in Rome.

Kevin Pietersen: Michael Vaughan praises 'retiring' ex-England team-mate

Former England captain Michael Vaughan says Kevin Pietersen was the "best batsman I had the pleasure to play with".

Swansea City 0-3 Tottenham Hotspur

Christian Eriksen scores twice as Tottenham reach the semi-finals of the FA Cup for a second successive season with a comfortable win at Liberty Stadium.

Winter Paralympics: 'Don't go easy on me because I'm a woman'

Lena Schroeder plays para ice hockey for Team Norway and is the only woman on the ice at the Winter Paralympics

Off-piste at the Paras #8: Scott Meenagh

Former soldier Scott Meenagh is the first competitor ParalympicsGB has had in Nordic Skiing for 20 years.

Rally driver who crashed into Paralympic skiing

Paralympic skier Chris Lloyd defied all expectations when he returned to the slopes after a rally car crash which left him paralysed from the neck down.

The Aussie who became a Paralympian after shark attack

Sean Pollard lost an arm in a shark attack and only saw snow for the first time in 2015 - now he has finished fifth and ninth at Pyeongchang 2018.

Wheelchair curling: 'It's good to have a lady skipping the team'

Aileen Neilson is the first female captain of a Paralympic curling team

Paralympics 'pit lane? where athletes get repairs

Have you ever wondered how athletes cope when their prosthetic limbs or wheelchairs break?

Golf under the northern lights and more

Here's some stories you may have missed this week.

A boy?s creative response to his mother?s illness

When Noah's mother was diagnosed with cancer, he came up with an idea to express his grief. Now his idea is being made into a book.

'I want to explain arranged marriage to people in the West'

A Pakistani designer who made a board game mocking arranged marriage says the media mistook her real intentions.

How I saw Stephen Hawking's death as a disabled person

Why one disabled BBC journalist has found the reporting of Stephen Hawking's death troubling.

South Korea gaming: Death by overwork sparks calls for change

Critics say "crunch time", an intense burst of work just before a game is released, can be dangerous.