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Hawking: Did he change views on disability?

"I think he's done more than anyone else," says a former student.

Platypus milk: How it could combat superbugs

The weird semi-aquatic creature's milk could lead to the creation of a new type of antibiotic.

First steps taken for vaccine pills

Researchers hope it could pave the way for needle-free inoculations for lots of different diseases.

Muscle loss in old age linked to fewer nerve signals

Research finds that nerves controlling the legs decrease by around 30% by the age of 75.

Genes have a role in empathy, study says

Scientists say empathy is not just something we learn - it is also affected by our genes.

Chinese takeaway can bust your salt allowance

Some takeaway dishes have half an adult's recommended daily allowance in just one dish, an analysis finds.

Crossing the border for a sugar fix

Norway has led the way in introducing a sugar tax - but not everybody in the country is a fan.

Girls' guide to what a 'normal' vulva looks like

The online reference tool, designed by health experts, aims to stem the cosmetic surgery "designer vagina" trend.

Sir John Sulston human genome pioneer dies

Sir John Sulston, a key figure in the race to decode the human genome, has died at the age of 75.

Women regret casual sex less if they take the initiative

A study finds women have fewer regrets about casual sex if they initiated it and the sex was good.

NHS homeopathy ending in London

The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine will stop NHS homeopathy in April.

Aberdeen scientists identify 'club foot' gene

Research at the University of Aberdeen could eventually help children avoid unnecessary treatment.

Alzheimer's researchers win brain prize

Four dementia scientists share this year's 1m euro prize for their pivotal work.

Mesh surgeon removed ovaries without prior consent

Tony Dixon is currently under investigation by North Bristol NHS Trust and the General Medical Council.

Britain needs to go on a diet, says top health official

Health officials tell manufacturers to cut the portion sizes of pizzas, ready meals and takeaways.

'I wish I had the confidence to go out without make-up'

Twenty-nine-year-old Tracy has acne, and worries about what people think of her at work.

'You have to present the perfect face online'

Lex has rosacea and says it's hard to be honest about her skin online.

A better way to care for dementia patients

Infrared technology and artificial intelligence offer a better way to take care of dementia patients. It can scan their vital signs 24 hours a day.

'I take 'smart drugs' despite risks'

Leora is a student who takes a 'smart drug' to help her cope with the pressures of university.

Disabled girl's Hoddesdon home adapted by volunteers

A toddler who was born with a hole in her heart has had her home revamped by builders.

Professor Stephen Hawking's greatest wish

The physicist, who has died aged 76, had motor neurone disease.

Corbyn quotes Hawking to May

Jeremy Corbyn quotes the late Prof Hawkins when he asks about finances and staff numbers in the NHS.

The country where more than 70% of people are overweight or obese

Qatar is taking drastic action to help people lose weight and fight diabetes.

Diabetes is actually five separate diseases, research suggests

Scandinavian researchers say a new classification would mean better treatment for patients.

Fish oil supplements in pregnancy 'may reduce allergies'

The research adds to evidence that diet in pregnancy can have an impact on a child's allergies.

Bad blood: The rise and fall of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes

How a woman came up with an idea that could have revolutionised blood testing - if it had worked.

'Nappies are like clothes, it's a fashion thing'

How Mexican entrepreneur Ixchel Anaya launched a reusable nappies business that exports around the globe.

Why is spitting so bad?

Why are people so upset at the video of football pundit Jamie Carragher spitting?

'My periods made me suicidal so I had a hysterectomy at 28'

For years, Lucie was treated for mental health problems - in fact she had a severe form of premenstrual syndrome.

Russian spy: What are nerve agents and what do they do?

A nerve agent was used to poison a Russian former spy and his daughter. What are they and what do they do?

How a single punch changed soul singer Only Girl's life

Ellen Murphy's boyfriend sustained brain damage in an unprovoked attack. She turned to music to help.

Xanax: The anxiety drug putting lives at risk

Counterfeit Xanax tablets laced with a deadly painkiller are being used as a party drug

Why the world needs to get ready for more people dying

With a sharp rise in deaths expected, we need to consider how we care for people at the end of life.