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Syria war: 'Civilians killed' as thousands flee Turkish air strikes

More than 150,000 people have reportedly fled Afrin in northern Syria as Turkish forces close in.

Iraq helicopter crash leaves seven American personnel dead

The Pentagon says the incident on Thursday night did not appear to be the result of enemy activity.

Israeli soldiers killed in West Bank car attack

An officer and a soldier die in what the Israeli military says was a deliberate attack on troops.

Mariam Moustafa death: Footage emerges of bus incident

Mariam Moustafa died three weeks after she was attacked in Nottingham.

Parsons Green attack: Iraqi teenager convicted over Tube bomb

Ahmed Hassan is found guilty of attempted murder after injuring 30 commuters at Parsons Green.

Israel court suspends plan to deport African migrants

The government wanted migrants to accept money and a plane ticket to leave voluntarily or face jail.

'You never get used to living like this'

Seven-year-old Rouaa has lived most of her life in a refugee camp and dreams of a better life.

From Syria to safety in Pakistan: 'We left children in Eastern Ghouta'

An elderly Pakistani couple talk about life under siege in Syria, and how their relatives clung to them.

Crown Prince warns Saudis will get nuclear bomb if Iran does

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman also told CBS News that Iran's Supreme Leader was like Hitler.

The Eritrean runner fearing deportation

Amar is one of thousands of illegal African migrants being told to leave Israel, or face arrest.

Palestinian PM Hamdallah survives Gaza explosion

The Palestinian Authority says a blast that hit Rami Hamdallah's convoy was an assassination attempt.

Syria: Seven years of war explained

What started as protests against the government has morphed into a global conflict.

'We will stay until the end': A doctor's battle in Syria

As the Syrian government tightens its noose around the enclave, medical staff describe working in "hell on earth".

The trouble telling aid workers and foreign fighters apart

Why it is not always as easy as it should be to keep track of people entering war zones.

Syria: Seven years of war in seven questions

What began as a peaceful uprising against President Assad in 2011 has become a full-scale civil war.

Women and their achievements feature on billboards in Iran

The unusual move by the Tehran Municipality has been welcomed online but some also want concrete action

Saudi Arabia: Has the rate of executions doubled?

Emily Thornberry said the rate of executions in Saudi Arabia had doubled over the past six months. Her timeline is incorrect, but her broader point is backed up by human rights organisations' figures.

International Women's Day: Stories of love amid Eastern Ghouta's bombs

Syrian illustrator Dima Nachawi draws pictures showing the true stories of people in love, in the middle of a conflict.

Eastern Ghouta Syria: The neighbourhoods below the bombs

Maps and images reveal the devastation caused by the bombardment of Syria's Eastern Ghouta region.